Party Planning - A perfect dessert table

A party planning disaster was narrowly averted this week when Lily's best friend from nursery issued party invitations for the exact time and date I'd booked for Lily's rainbow birthday party. Thankfully, I was able to re-arrange with the venue for the next day and I could breathe a sigh of relief.

So, I can now continue with my planning.

What I wish I knew... when planning my hen party

For someone who loves party planning, you'd think I'd have had the best time organising and attending my own hen when it rolled around five years ago today! It didn't quite work out that way and I actually ended up feeling really stressed and disappointed at times.

Looking back, I wish I could go back in time and tell my pre-married self a few things:

Crafty Princess Necklaces

When it comes to craft, children's activities are about my best bet at achieving reasonable results. Which is OK, because at the moment, my children seem pleased with my efforts and that's enough for me! I am much better at visualisation than execution and so often find myself disappointed. My mind sees an amazing project but my hands just can't manage it.

Which I why I rarely share our creative activities here on the blog, despite us doing something most days.

I particularly enjoy the playdates when one of my best friends brings her two children over. It's settled into a nice routine, we'll do lunch, the boys will nap (they're the youngest) the girls will play and then there'll be a request for 'something creative'. It's meant to be something for the children but a lot of the time my friend and I get caught up in a creative frenzy of paints, glitter and double-sided sticky tape.

Sorry Bob, I don't like Monday's either

A few years back, Matt had a colleague. He shall go un-named but at the time, we called him Bob.

Because he didn't like Mondays.

Every Monday for months he would 'work from home' or call in sick due to sickness, or because his wife was unwell. A different reason was given every time and I remembering scorning these 'excuses' and passing them off as the stories of skiving colleague.

And now, years on and two children later, I'd like to say I'm sorry.

Dear kids, please stop eating my food!

In our house there is an unwritten rule at mealtimes.

Daddy doesn't share food.

I knew this before I married Matt. He hates sharing food with anyone. He is, with no exaggeration, like Joey from Friends and will scowl if anyone, adult or child, attempts to take even a single chip from his plate. A tapas style meal is his idea of hell.

I am, usually, the opposite. I don't mind sharing - everyone knows that food tastes better from someone else's plate, right?

Cousins - Childhood Playmates, Forever Friends

When I was at university, my best friend (or one of them) was Emily. We shared so many memories, she lived on my sofa for a month whilst waiting for her new home became available, she held me whilst I sobbed about my Dad dying at the end of my first year. I watched her relationship blossom and was a bridesmaid when she married her hubby Jon. We once spent over an hour trying to dig through a wine bottle cork because we didn't have a corkscrew.

But for one reason or another, we're not as close now. Certainly not close enough to be 'best friends'.

We are, however, linked in a different, but very significant way.

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