It's nice to be appreciated

On returning to work after the summer break, I was given a *kind of* promotion! In reality, the job won't change too much but I have been given more responsibility, more interesting tasks and a slight pay rise.

All of which is great news!

But one of the best bits was being told that my colleagues like my work, that I'm considered to be a team player and someone who works hard.

Our #Bepanthen Bedtime Challenge

Just before Lily was born I went shopping for all the 'necessities' a newborn could need. I bought sleepsuits, hats, vests, socks (pointless) and scratch mittens (even more pointless). I got bottles and formula (just in case) and I bought nappies, wipes and four, yes four, different brands of nappy cream.

Bombarded with advertising and well meaning advice articles, I couldn't work out what brand would be best, would really deliver what they said they would and keep my perfect little baby's delicate skin in tip top, unblemished condition.

Four years on, and I still have two of the original giant tubs I bought. I may fall on them for emergencies and my Nan swears on using one of them to get rid of zits, but I've never been a big fan of using them on my children's bottoms at changing time. In fact, I'm pretty sure that they should be chucked out for being out of date, I only put it off because I don't like waste.

Anniversary Date Night, Parent Style

Yesterday, Matt and I celebrated five years of marriage.

Except, maybe 'celebrate' isn't the right word... This is how I do our anniversary, parent style:

A week before, try and decide what to do.

A life in the day... wedding edition

Five years.

In some ways, that feels like a lifetime but I can still remember exactly how I felt at 5am on Friday 16th September 2011.

The day I got married.

Nature's Jewels at Hills Cafe

When I first moved to our current home I'll admit to having some reservations. The house itself was lovely and knowing our landlords a little gave us a sense of security after a few awful past experiences. We have a nice, big garden and I no longer have to traverse a mountain huge hill anytime I want to go into town and back.

My main concern was the area we were moving to and it's reputation. I'd heard horror stories about crime, an ice cream van that also sells drugs (Eek! I wouldn't know the truth of this, but the ice cream is good) and undesirable neighbours.

All of which has been completely unfounded. If anything, I have found the Micklefield area to be friendly and community focused. I love the library where the workers and volunteers are chatty and great with the kids. The chippy, Chinese takeaway and convenience store are very close and local events are run regularly, including 'Micklefest', fun days and an outdoor cinema.

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